Travelling is a big part of an escorts in watford service worker’s job. More so, outcall escort workers are expected to travel to a client’s place. This means that escort workers are required to know how to take care of themselves before, during, and after an escort service. Earning a lot of money always comes for a price. Safety inside the escort business is not determined simply and the best thing one can do is to study some important safety tips given by the company or agency itself. Another thing one can do is to speak with other experienced escort service workers and gather information. This information consists of what to do in certain situations, how to remain calm, and most importantly what other things to remember during the service. There are numerous safety tips that will help you get through life as an escort service.

General Safety for Escort Service Workers

• Always keep an anonymous identity. Your personal life should be protected so steer away from subjects or objects that identify you personally. Leave your personal things and keep a professional personality. This protects you from unhealthy clients who may form a dangerous obsession after a few sessions.
• A pre-paid phone is necessary for this line of business. Never use your personal mobile phone when receiving calls or sending one to clients. This is dangerous and phones can be tracked to gain malicious personal information.
• Remember to ask the client to pay in advance before the service. This ensures that the client does not run away without paying. If the client refuses, remind him of the agreement beforehand and everything is purely professionalism.
• Steer away from accepting debit or credit cards. Always accept payment strictly in cash only. Count the money beforehand and bring a bank note pen checker. Money counterfeiting is popular in some places.
• Always gather information about your client. Request for their name and contact number. Verify their identity and be wary of how they share information. If it feels off and your gut says so, politely refuse the offer. Find out what they expect from you and if they might have a special request. This may be a choice of clothes, certain fetishes, or even a different attitude from you.

Safety Measure tips for Outcall Service Workers

• Always verify the address of the customer. Confirm that the address is safe and away from shady areas. Request for a landline number and then confirm this.
• The closest person you will have for safety is the driver. Arrange for a driver to drive you to the appointment place. It helps to know that you have someone waiting for you when things go south.
• Never let a client pick you up from home or even drive you back. Insist on arranging for your own transportation. If the client argues about your own transportation, steer away from him and cancel the appointment. This is a safety measure and that kind of behavior speaks of harmful intentions.
• Always arrive at the appointment place for about 15 minutes early for this is part of one’s professionalism. Observe the surroundings and if the place is too quiet and shady, leave immediately. Do the same if the place is too rowdy, noisy, and uncivilized.
• The best way to confirm the validity of the appointment is to ask the client for the hotel’s telephone number and the name his room was booked under including the hotel room number. Call the reception and request to be put at the room number he specified. Be wary if he refuses to share this information.
• Knowing when to cancel an appointment is important. If you discover that there are more people with him, offer to leave and tell him that this was not part of the agreement. If he refuses to give any information, steer away. If he forces you to extreme things without listening to refusals, call the authorities.
• If the client suggests another place, always insist on a taxi or a cab. Refuse any offers of riding with him on his own car. This may be an intention of his to drive you to a dangerous area.
• Always bring protection of the highest quality. Health issues are serious and crucial to the escort service business. If he refuses the use of condoms or if you discover that the client is not clean, refuse to have sex.

The most difficult part of this line of business is the fact that you are alone with a stranger you only know by a name. Whether or not you have a driver with you, knowing how to be safe is important. Your greatest weapon will be your knowledge and preparation. Whatever anyone says, it is important to remember that your safety as a person is of the first priority.

How to be safe in Outcall Escort Service

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