We have covered a lot of things regarding escort services and escort talent agencies and yet there is a world still left open for exploration in the realm of the escorting industry. From sweeping topics to analyzing the more technical aspects of the profession, this leaves us with some less trodden details few others have tackled.

Some of these points may seem mundane or unimportant but some of these might mean the difference between an intimate encounter with Elite VIP Models worth remembering for a long time, or something that you would just want to forget with your hangover the next morning. So read on and see if you have found yourself aware of these situations in the past, or learn a thing or two to better help you out in the future.

Small talk: You either like it or hate it. Small talk can be the precursor to an intimate connection between you and your escort or it might be another annoyance you wished wasn’t happening. The key to achieve your preference when it comes to small talk is that you communicate still. Good escorts will accommodate you on what you want and it is up to you to verbalize this preference whether if you like it or not. Be polite with telling it either way though as it will build up your image as a good client to work with.

Feeling good = Looking good: Do yourself a favor and next time you want to take an escort our on a date or an intimate encounter, dress up nice and add extra effort to look good. Looking good not only makes you more attractive in the eyes of your escort, but it subconsciously gives you that confidence boost, which is much more attractive than just plain aesthetics. So try your best to look dapper and you’re sure to find magic in your next intimate encounter.

Your poison may not be hers: A little alcohol is nice during an encounter with a hired escort. But do avoid forcing your escort into imbibing the same drinks. The same rule goes with that of smoking and even drugs (whether or not they are legal in your area). Trying them out in moderation is your business, but it should never be mandatory for an escort to do the same thing as did. Not only is it potentially dangerous for the escort’s health (as some people have adverse or even allergic reactions to the abovementioned products) but it is also a breach of trust that was put in the transaction. You can politely ask your escort out if they would want a try though.

After care: After the intimate encounter, you must take some precautions, especially if you are maintaining your liaisons with an escort in secret. First off, hygiene is the key. Take a shower after the all the intimacy is over as to remove all conspicuous signs of the encounter such as fragrances and odors. Next, check your clothing to see if they have any distinguishable or incriminating marks such as lip-rouge stains or body fluids. Bringing a spare shirt or being careful right off the bat should help prevent any untoward incidents with your clothing. Finally, try not to bring any “souvenirs” from the encounter, as tempting as it sounds.

The Rules of Engagement

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