Maybe you have heard it in stories or experienced this yourself. Leeds directory for escorts have their reasons why they do not opt for repeat encounters and they are perfectly reasonable. What happens then when a client who enjoyed the first intimate encounter yet the escort does not want to meet up again? Escorting talents are very much human and have similar qualms and desires as everyone else, and they have the right to refuse to transact with anyone.

You would be surprised as to what some of the reasons why escorts turn down their clients. Here are some of the things that may turn-off your hired escort:

  1. Personality – Most clients who have experience with hiring out escorts by themselves or through escorting agencies are aware of the unspoken rules of engagement and etiquette that is practiced when transacting with an escorting talent. Therefore, this factor is rarely the problem but probably the one that is fairly common among all escorts.


Politeness and being respectful of escorts’ lifestyle are very attractive in the eyes of a talent therefore it is logical to presume that the opposite is not acceptable by many. Being rude, crass, or just downright disrespectful can lead to you not being taken on by any talent at all.  So be a gentleman and you’d never know, maybe your good manners and charm work extra magic in the bedroom.

  1. Hygiene – As funny as it might sound, there are still clients out there who tend to disregard their hygienic responsibilities. Neglecting to shower or even lack of care in their oral health can kill the bedroom magic quite easily. I’ve heard one escort refuse a client outright at their first meet up because of a bad case of halitosis. These are rare and isolated incidents but it does help to take care of your body. Do yourself a favor and attract your escort even before they lay their eyes on you by smelling good and feeling good.



  1. Parsimoniousness – Being frugal is a good trait to have: it is a respectful way of life. However, being stingy and not adhering to the agreed transaction is not only unattractive to escorts, but makes you look untrustworthy and not worth their time. You don’t have to give your escort an arm and a leg to have a good time but just fulfilling your obligations after the encounter earns you much respect and improves your prospects for an encore, if ever you want one.
Why do escorts sometimes refuse a repeat encounter?

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